An upgraded integrally geared turbocompressor portfolio

Our automation solutions

Every compressor is equipped with an industrial PLC for the safety and control handling. The Local Control Panel (LCP) can be equipped in a separate panel in combination with the Modular Enclosure or as an integrated compartment in the Compact Enclosure.

If more than one turbo compressor is supplied, it is advisable to include a Master Control System (MCS) for the automatic control of the compressors in cascade mode via process signals coming from the Central Control system or directly from the Process.


  • Industrial PLC with Standard components
  • Efficiency optimization software
  • Standard comunication protocols
    • TCP/IP
    • Profibus/Profinet
    • Ethernet
    • MODBUS
  • Available standard brands:
    • Siemens
    • Allen Bradley
    • Electric (Modicon)

Cascade control via Master Control System (MCS)

The energy efficient cascade control method is only achievable with a compressor control philosophy which allows a guaranteed airflow regulation between at least 40/45% to 100% (whereas 100% is the max design airflow ).

Such large turndown results in two compressors running at minimum airflow would generate 80-90% of total airflow of one unit operating in maximum. This overlap of compressor operating ranges allows for a more precise control of oxygen to the process which minimizes instabilities and repeated cycling of the equipment. Cascade mode allows a stable, energy efficient and balanced operation of the installed units.