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    GTB series with ceramic anti-friction bearings;
    flange or foot mounted motor up to 600 hp rated power
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    GTH series with hydrodynamic multi-pad bearings
    for high flow and pressure applications up to 1000 hp motor power
    and 21 psi differential pressure
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    Effective combination
    Variable Inlet Guide- and Discharge Diffuser Vanes
    for continuous, optimal efficiency and wide turndown.
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    Plug & Play
    Factory mounted and functionally tested - with all components
    included: Motor center with soft, direct or VFD-starter, local control,
    inlet filter/ silencer, cone diffuser and blow-off valve.

Our full product portfolio

Our integrally geared centrifugal turbocompressor line features six distinct frame families to above 3,000 hp installed motor power, customizeable to your project needs. The frame families up to 400 hp are available in a plug& play package with all auxiliary parts fully enclosed, cabled and ready to start (Compact Enclosure). All frame families are available with the traditional assembled modular enclosure.

NTT Advantages & Features

  • Versatile with high airflow turndown of 100-40%
  • Highest efficiency over entire turndown range
  • Power optimization with Dual-point regulation control
  • Offers more than 20 years equipment life
  • Reliable, robust mechanical design for maximum up-time
  • Proven technology in harsh environments
  • Utilizing industry-standard components available on the open market

Our Product Naming explained


The name consists of four parts:

GTGeared Turbo Compressor
BIndicates if the compressor is equipped with hybrid ball bearings 'B' or hydrodynamic bearings 'H'
T20Describes the frame size Turbo 20 (10,20,30,40,50)
XZThe nomenclature 'XZ' (X, Y, XY, XZ) describes the compressor regulation control, here Diffuser with low frequency VFD